Track renewal on vestfyn

57 km of railway


Aarsleff-Spitzke Konsortium I/S has conducted ballast cleaning on one of Denmark’s most central railway sections.

The railway section over the island of Fyn is one of Denmark’s most busy railways. The task of cleaning ballast on 57 km of the double track section demanded thorough planning down to the tiniest detail. The contract also included 20 km of new subballast and the replacement of 30 points and subballast on six stations on the section from Fredericia to Odense.

A solid foundation for the track provides a more comfortable ride for passengers and lessens the risk of track failures leading to delays.


Keeping the trains rolling

To create the least disturbance of traffic our work on the section was limited to holiday periods, where fewest passengers depend on rail transport.


The project was begun in the Easter, where the points on two stations were exchanged with new ones. To keep the trains running during the summer we worked only on one track at a time, with traffic being maintained on the other track. Our careful planning allowed us to fit all the required work into the limited time and space available.


104 hours of track possession in five days

During a week in May we put in an extraordinary effort in a track possession of 24 hours with traffic in the neighbouring track, 56 hours of total track possession and yet 24 hours with traffic on the neighbouring track. We conducted a wide range of work of all types during the short interval and had 450 workers deployed on the relative short section.


Having finished track work and ballast cleaning we adjusted the catenary system before the section was released for traffic again.  


We carried out the work during a period of 101 days and had the track ready for service at the time specified in the contract.



  • 20 km new subballast
  • 57 km ballast cleaning
  • 30 points exchanged
  • 13 points lifted
  • 80.000 tons rejected ballast
  • 120.000 tons new ballast
  • 25.000 tons gravel
  • 65 km track alignment before welding
  • 700 thermite welds
  • 5 km drainage
  • 57 km adjusting of catenary system



Banedanmark (Rail Net Denmark)



Aarsleff-Spitzke Consortium JV


Type of contract

Main contract



Bravida Danmark





Rambøll A/S


Construction period

March - september 2015


UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640